I Guess This Is Where I Tell The "Tony Danza Story."

It's not that a fellow blogger with my taste in music sent a link to the news that director Julien Temple is working on a new movie about the life and career of late Clash frontman Joe Strummer that prompted this post. It is that the night before he sent it, Waist High had had a dream about Mick Jones.

Cut to 1987: A 19 year old Waist High is sitting in the bar of North Hollywood's Santo Pietro's Restaurant with her also 19 year old best friend. Directly across the bar from the two 19 year olds drinking in a really nice bar is a gentleman who is clearly trying to hide, with his hand over his face looking down. When we both realized that the gentleman was Tony Danza, doing a really bad job of trying to hide, we tried to be cool and not stare.

(I'll now hand it over to "Elaine," who currently lives on the other side of the world. She, the 19 year old best friend who was drinking in a really nice bar with Waist High in 1987, chimes in via e-mail):

"As we are talking, trying not to stare, I realized something that I guess you could say, still scares the shit out of me today. So I pull Waist High in really close, and in a whispered tone, tell her the 11 words that she has told me many times over the years, still scare the shit out of her too. Because c'mon, what are the chances?? 'You know. I had a dream about Tony Danza last night.'"