Cast Of Characters Update.

Kern County Drunkard: No clue.
Thank God.

"Rampart" (Ex-Husband): When questioned this week about whether he and Waist High should journey down to their 20 year high school reunion together this July in his brand new plush luxury automobile, told Waist High to: "Take a bus!"

"Tri-Tip": Currently deciding how much to spend on outdoor patio furniture.
Quote of the week: "People in Bakersfield sure know their booze!"

Priscilla: Studying to re-take the GRE after just recently taking it "hungover as hell."
Quote of the week directed at Waist High: "Damn. You look fucking haggard!"

Desi: This the individual who first told the innocent Waist High of such things as the "Dirty Sanchez," "Dog In The Bathtub," "The Shocker," and "Raspberry Swirl." Was schooled by several female co-workers last week on the importance of (content removed by author). He did not know of this.

The Stranger: Going on a date with Waist High this weekend.

My Lovely Teenaged Daughter:
Waist High: "Will you do my makeup for my date this weekend?"
My Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "If you pay me!"

Photo courtesy: Lovely Teenaged Daughter Collection