Born in England in 1958, David Sylvian first hit the British music scene in the late 1970's with Japan, one of several bands that defined the so-called New Romantic cultural period. Although for a number of years Japan attracted a devoted cult following, it was not until 1982 that they achieved widespread success with the seminal album Tin Drum. From that record, the poignant and reflective "Ghosts" gave them their biggest chart hit, reaching number three in the UK singles chart.

David recorded 6 albums with Japan before they disbanded in 1982.

The decision to go solo was made shortly afterwards, "because I knew that I had to find my own voice, and because I also wanted to strike up different relationships with other musicians."

Released in June 1984, David's first solo album Brilliant Trees went straight into the UK chart at number four. Gone to Earth, a double album containing seven vocal tracks and ten instrumental pieces, attracted the same critical acclaim as Brilliant Trees when it was released in September 1985.

Secrets Of The Beehive, released in October 1987, was to be the last David Sylvian solo album for 10 years.

In 2003 David created
SamadhiSound studio and label and released Blemish. As a member of the group nine horses, David released snow borne sorrow in 2005.

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Photo: davidsylvian.net