"And My Heaven Will Be A Big Heaven And I Will Walk Through The Front Door."

And so it goes.

Waist High, one of the nation's eminent '80s music scholars, obsessive fan of it's musicians, and worshiper of the GODS that delivered it in my youth, has said farewell to "terrestrial radio." Oh, and almost died in the process. And it all happened in a warming hut in the Oregon wilderness.

Sirius Radio has reunited 3
"Pioneering Alternative Rock DJ'S." All of whom were included in the GODS that delivered the music to me in my youth, all of whom have been sitting nicely in my "INSPIRATIONS" sidebar for 2 years, and all of whom I love and have missed for the last 20 years.

Of the 125+ channels on Sirius Radio, the warming hut in the Oregon wilderness where Waist High chose to "convalesce" after a hard afternoon of snowboarding, just so happened to be playing Channel 22
First Wave, the very station where these GODS of my musical youth are now DJ's.

It was an accident that we ended up at this particular warming hut, but alas, this was no accident.

As I first entered the warming hut and sat down to sip my hot alcoholic coffee beverage, the music began to interest me. It wasn't loud at first. Slowly, each song played became more and more like a group of songs that I would have heard on the station from my youth: KROQ.

You see, KROQ 106.7 "pioneered the alternative music genre in the early 1980's," and MADE ME THE FREAK THAT I AM TODAY. It was Heaven at first. And then I got really scared. I kept looking around to see where I was. How old am I? I kept asking myself. What is the date? What is happening?

And then as if it could not get any MORE SCARY, a voice came on. A very distinctive voice. A voice I had not heard in 20 years. In a warming hut in the middle of the Oregon wilderness, I hear the voice of
Swedish Egil. The Swedish Egil that first introduced the teenaged Waist High to the only music she will listen to today.

I had to start taking deep breaths, as I thought I was going to pass out. I started feeling really weird, like I was going to suffocate. I didn't want to alarm my friend that I was with, I wasn't sure what to do but breathe. He started to get scared and asked me, "Are you dying? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Oh nothing." I said. "Everything is just fine with the world again."

Photo courtesy: sirius.com