For Those Who Didn't Get The Memo.

If the person in front of you at the grocery store is paying for their groceries and is at that stage in the proceedings where they are entering their PIN, please do not stand close enough to that person so that that person can literally feel you breathing down their neck. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A CASE OF CORONA ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

If you are an employee of an Oregon gas station and pump our gas because we as Oregonians are prohibited from pumping our own, please do not stand at our car window WHILE WE ARE STILL PULLING IN. Give us like 5 seconds or something.

If you venture into Oregon City for dinner, keep in mind that Clackamas County is something like 96% Caucasian. So if you are waiting to be seated at an Oregon City restaurant and feel like saying, "I have never seen so many white people in my life," try not to say it while a white person is looking right at you.

If you are 37, and are forced to work with 21 year olds, and have any handy hints for Waist High on working with 21 year olds, please drop me an e-mail at

If you are at the video store and are walking through the aisle, can you PLEASE not walk right in front of the videos? This should not even be a discussion. STAY TO THE BACK OF THE AISLE. YOUR BACK SHOULD BE UP AGAINST THE VIDEOS BEHIND YOU. It's nice to think that we are the only person on the planet once in a while, but can you do it while STAYING TO THE BACK OF THE AISLE. Especially if you are wearing a holiday sweater and have mom hair. Thanks.