Open Letter To Andrew Fletcher, David Gahan, And Martin Gore.

Dear Sirs,
I purchased Playing The Angel Tuesday, which marked your quarter century anniversary. You, "Depeche Mode, the innovative, influential recording unit. The band (that has) sold upwards of 50 million records worldwide and (has) amassed a staggering 38 hit singles in the UK."

I am a 22 year fan and your music has always appealed to me because as you said about Playing The Angel Martin, your music appeals "to really dysfunctional people."

With this purchase, I now own all 11 of your studio albums.

It was after listening to Playing The Angel in it's entirety, that I had that moment where I realized that it is you that I have listened to the longest, you who I listen to the most, and you that I like the best.

I've been listening to alot of the old stuff lately, most frequently A Broken Frame and 101. The new album is brilliant, and "Precious" is amazing, taking it's place up there with all time favorites "In Your Room," "The Things You Said," "Shake The Disease," "Insight," and "The Sun And The Rainfall."

AND I NEVER PIRATED IT FROM THE INTERNET. I am the proud and rightful owner.

Please never go away. Please never stop doing what you do.

Much Love and Devotion,
Waist High

Material quoted directly from: emediawire.com