At the tender age of fourteen, Annabella was one of the most photographed, talked about and popular vocalists with her band, BOW WOW WOW. Her unique vocals, which swung between sweet fourteen and a banshee, defined the sound of a new and energetic pop culture, her memorable performances influencing and inspiring a brand new wave of up and coming artists such as the Chili Peppers and No Doubt. She continued to perform and develop her songwriting throughout the 90's, assembling her second band The Naked Experience, as well as collaborating with other musicians and songwriters.

As well as writing and recording original material as a solo artist, she has also been a featured vocalist on numerous transatlantic dance favourites. Her songwriting talents brought her into partnerships with Guy Chambers (songwriter for all of Robbie Williams' chart hits), and the well seasoned Michael Lattanzi.

Performing low key shows on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as large promoted concerts with Bow Wow Wow, the new millennium found Annabella also expanding and employing her talents as a songwriter in a commercial, as well as spiritual directions. She performed several concerts for global charities like UNICEF and Save the Children Fund, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for needy children. She has also recently worked on a Nike commercial, as well as writing songs for several movies such as Desperate But Not Serious (starring Claudia Shiffer and Henry Rollins).

Her current and ongoing Buddhist retreats continue to enhance and inform her artistic sensibilities, giving birth to new mature and romantic songwriting. This new solo direction still retains Annabella's familiar hard core dance groove, beat heavy anthemics married now to new harmonies and a hint of eastern tinged melodies. Her vocal range has never sounded better, and the spirit of her songs confirms her ongoing celebration of life and music.

All material quoted directly from: annabellalwin.com