Open Letter To Gustav of 94.7.

Dear Gustav,
It was at of all places the Portland Beer Festival that I had a discussion with a recent transplant to our area.

Our discussion took place just days after his move and he shared with me that he had already fallen in love with our fine city. One of the selling points was of course

I told him how much I loved the station as well and, being a lady of 37 years, told him that I can somehow tolerate the newer alternative music that is played because BY GOD, hearing Joy Division and Killing Joke and The Stranglers on the radio again is well worth it.

I have always had a fondness for you Gustav. I even e-mailed you once to tell you that you sound so very much like Jed The Fish of my beloved KROQ in Pasadena California.

My fondness for you has grown exponentially as I have become more familiar with your musical tastes and BY GOD, they are exactly the same as mine. And you know what? When you are a DJ on a radio station in the town in which I live, that is a good thing.

My fondness was taken to an even deeper level when it was your voice that came on the air and said that the song that had just been played was the brand new Depeche Mode single "Precious," which by the way, I think is one of their finest songs to date.

Gustav, but my fondness turned to love today when you said that not only had you not missed a Depeche Mode show in the City of Roses since 1987, but that BY GOD,
Madness was coming to town.

Much love,
Waist High

Photo courtesy of: knrk.com via inmusicwetrust.com