Happy Birthday Bryan Ferry.

Bryan Ferry emerged as if from nowhere in 1972 when he launched Roxy Music on an unsuspecting but highly receptive world. The band was the ideal vehicle for his multifarious talents as composer, singer and visual artist - the wildly innovative music was presented via equally original artwork, costumes and stage shows.

Roxy Music crystallised the hippest style of the 70's, sophistication crossed with street credibility. A series of groundbreaking albums such as For Your Pleasure and Siren and hit singles like "Love Is The Drug" and "Jealous Guy" brought the group worldwide success, culminating in the album Avalon in 1981.

Ferry, starting with These Foolish Things in 1973, has meanwhile proved himself a masterful interpreter of other composers' songs with a series of solo albums. Since Roxy Music broke up in 1982 he has blended the two strands of his career into one, variously recording pop classics and his own material on the albums Boys and Girls, Bete Noire, Taxi and Mamouna.

His album of songs from the 1930's, entitled As Time Goes By, was released to commercial and critical success in 1999 and was nominated for a Grammy award. Since his solo release Frantic in 2002, Bryan has toured with a reformed Roxy Music and has continued with his own successful UK and International appearances. Bryan's latest release The Platinum Collection Album is in stores now.

Material quoted directly from: bryanferry.com