Makes Cents To Me...

Last week The Oregonian asked it's readers to give their suggestions to what "should be on the state quarter instead of Crater Lake: Tonya Harding throwing a hubcap; Bob Packwood with a box of wine on one side and Neil Goldschmidt on the other; a Trailblazer smoking a doobie; Bud Clark exposing himself to art; or Bigfoot."

With nearly all precincts reporting, "Sasquatch led with 29% of the vote, followed closely by Tonya Harding throwing a hubcap (25%). A Trailblazer smoking a doobie pulled in 13% of the vote."

The ill bred Waist High agrees with others that the coin should show "a Trailblazer smoking a doobie while Bigfoot looks on from the bushes."

Photo courtesy: Robert Bateman via galleryone.com