Happy Birthday Peter Murphy.

Peter Murphy's initial foray into the music world was as the front man for the influential post punk band Bauhaus. Their style was unique and contemporary and their live shows that combined stark reality with theatrics are now legendary. Their dramatic look, electrifying performances and unique sound blossomed into a lifestyle and set the standard for the endless number of clones who followed in their wake.

With their own particular mystique and stark brooding music, it was inevitable that Bauhaus would be classified as the vanguard of goth fashion, a totally misleading confinement, ignoring their humor, experimentation and pure rock and roll energy. Much of their sound was indeed dark, distinct and intense, and they released a distinguished body of work in a brief career that managed to reflect an era that has now proved timeless.

After the breakup of Bauhaus, Peter Murphy recorded an experimental and haunting album The Waking Hour with Mick Karn (former bassist of new romantic glam band Japan), using the name Dali's Car. It was a short lived pairing that he used as a springboard to jump headfirst into his solo career and since then has never looked back.

Material quoted directly from: Elizabeth MMK Dameron via petermurphy.info
Photo courtesy: jwhitephoto.com