About the reader who since Live 8 sends Waist High an amazing, long lost 1980s song every day, sometimes extended versions, you are keeping me healthy.

About MTV, I hope they have now learned that the music is what's important.

About the person who put me in a chokehold and tried to put my head in a urinal this evening, you might very well be the reason that listening to Gordon Lightfoot sing "If You Could Read My Mind" at Live 8 Toronto. Nevermind.

About Gordon Lightfoot singing "If You Could Read My Mind" at Live 8
Toronto, I would like to answer Karen Johns of ltvnews.com's question:

"Was I the only one who got a tingle up my spine when Gordon Lightfoot started into the opening bars of 'If You Could Read My Mind'? There was this somewhat frail, lone figure with only his guitar as accompanyment enrapturing the hushed crowd with his clear beautiful voice and his poetic lyrics."

No. You. Were. Not.

Photos courtesy: Live 8 via news.yahoo