Happy Birthday Brian Setzer.

"Born in New York City and raised in Long Island, Brian Setzer started forming rockabilly acts such as his Bloodless Pharaohs in the late 70's, finally putting together the Stray Cats (then known as the Tom Cats) in 1978."

The Stray Cats continued to "break up and regroup every few years, recording their final EMI album, Blast Off, in 1989."

Setzer, as solo, released "Live Nude Guitars in 1988, but it was several years later that he put together a 17-piece orchestra in the style of the old big bands and began to play classic swing with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, releasing their self-titled first album in 1994."

Whether performing with the "Orchestra or the more stripped-down Brian Setzer Trio, he has developed a reputation as the hard-rocking king of swing with jazzy rockabilly, country and blues chops that just keep getting better with age."

All material courtesy of: fenderplayersclub.com