This Is The One Time I Am Thankful I Live In An 800 Square Foot Apartment!

So the conversation in the grocery store with my Lovely Teenaged Daughter this morning regarding her staying home alone while I go on a 5 day vacation in March, went something like this:

Waist High: "NO! Absolutely not!"
Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "You don't trust me do you?"
Waist High: "It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that..."
Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "Your parents left you home alone when they went out of town..."
Waist High: "Oh no they didn't. They knew better!"
Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "Mom!"
Waist High: "And the one time they did was the time I had that kegger where 200 people showed up and were all in the cul-de-sac and there was a fight and a guy got his eye kicked out and the BPD started hauling people away, and..."
Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "I would never do that!" (pause)
Waist High: (Thinking to myself WOW, I have raised a wonderful daughter. Maybe I could leave her alone...)
Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "We don't have the room."

Photo from a party in Bakersfield in 1985 in the home of parents that were presumably out of town courtesy of: The Waist High Collection