Waist High's First Annual 'Holiday Newsletter.'

I would like to say Merry Christmas to:
1. The citizenry of Bakersfield
2. My 4 Bakersfield readers
3. Annoying Rosedale couple and TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS elitists Carla and Tom Romesberg

Carla and Tom have recently been rejoicing as: "A complex of 200 apartments near an expensive neighborhood of Rosedale homes was rejected Thursday night by the Bakersfield Planning Commission. The proposal stirred up a storm of opposition from homeowners in the area of Jenkins Road and Rosedale Highway. The storm got organized into a formal anti-apartment fight. 'First it took place in my kitchen,' said organizer Tom Romesberg. 'Then it got too big and we had it in my garage.'" (bakersfield.com)

Mrs. Romesberg, earlier in the proceedings, stated that she was a little uncomfortable with 'those kind of people' potentially living so close to her collection of holiday sweaters.