Sorry Ruth. Sorry Curt. Sorry Roland.

Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "I hate your music!" Waist High: "I hate your music more!" 

(Cut to the Ford Taurus Friday Night) Lovely Teenaged Daughter SINGING ALONG TO WAIST HIGH'S tape: "When people run in circles it's a very, very. Mad world..." (She had to say it): "I don't like this version as much." (Thinking Tears For Fears had done a cover of Gary Jules' "Mad World.") 

Side Note: At the TFF concert in September, before they played "Mad World," both Curt and Roland commented on how they now feel like when they sing it they ARE doing a cover. 

(Cut to last night in the living room) Waist High: "As you get older and older you tend to start to listen to the music that your parents listened to." 

Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "I will never listen to your music. Ever!" 

(Rewind to one month ago) Lovely Teenaged Daughter: "Do you have any Simple Minds tapes? I heard a song I like." 

Cut to Waist High straightening up Lovely Teenaged Daughter's room this morning and glancing at the sleeve to one of her CD's where she discovers some band called The Bled, containing the song "Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back." 

Photo: rowanandmartinslaughin.com