Feeding Frenzy? T-Minus 13 Days.

As the staff at Waist High prepare to vacation in the lovely city of Bakersfield, California for the Christmas holiday, they are currently in discussions about each and every place that they will feed their faces while on said holiday. 

Those that read this site regularly know how much we suffer here at Waist High for the lack of proper Mexican food in the Portland, Oregon area. Since we REALLY REALLY look forward to our yearly trip to the land in which proper Mexican food is plentiful, we plan these things way in advance. 

The discussions here in the offices of Waist High have included talk of the restaurant 'El Jacalito' and whether or not it is in Lamont or Arvin and whether or not it should be visited upon by individuals who, since they have no proper Mexican restaurants in their area, plan to eat Mexican food non-stop. The. Entire. Christmas. Holiday. 

Thoughts of El Jacalito reminded one member of the Waist High staff of a cute tale. The Waist High staff member recalled that she once knew a gentleman who when in a situation where he didn't exactly want to tell folks that he was from the Lamont/Arvin area, would say, "I'm from L.A." 

El Jacalito Restaurant 10009 Main Street Lamont, CA 93241 (661) 845-4598 

Photo: westcoastroads.com