Now If I Can Just Make It Through Christmas In Bakersfield Surrounded By My Chain Smoking Friends.

The word that traveled through an Oregon Costco this morning during the total and complete anarchy was that Costco Corporate sent out a nationwide 'memo' to all it's locations prior to the total and complete anarchy that said that it was going to be possible that the '$5 Off Coupon' for the MCI Pre Paid Calling Cards would send record numbers of boneheads to Costcos across this fine nation. Those record numbers of boneheads would all be attempting to activate those MCI Pre Paid Calling Cards and that the registers could not handle the overload and that that could crash the ENTIRE register system and thus cause said registers to shut down.

Well, the Costco memo was correct and Waist High was there.

Waist High: 1. Waited it out and remained in her line, which by the time she got in it, was already backing up into the Christmas decoration aisle. 2. Refused the complimentary cookies handed out to try to ease our frustrations. 3. Laughed her ass off when store personnel went around to EACH AND EVERY customer and took away their MCI Pre Paid Calling Cards if they had them. 4. Realized, as she became a little edgy, actually alot edgy, that she had made it past the critical 72 hour period that she was trying to make it past.

"Most smokers relapse within the first 72 hours of quitting."