Mexicali: A Love Story. No Sorry. Error Messages Prevail.

(This is where you would have read "A Love Letter To A Restaurant")

Version 1 evaporated when an error messsage froze up the computer. Version 2 (in which Waist High tried to recreate version 1) evaporated when same said error message from the night before appeared and froze up same said computer. There will be no version 3.

Three things from "A Love Letter To A Restaurant" however:
1. Only current or former Bakersfield residents WOULD NOT have thought it was crazy.
2. Waist High's exhaustive research indicates that what one orders at Mexicali in 2004, one ordered at Mexicali in 1979.
3. Dining at Mexicali is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. There is preproduction involved. Principal photography. Costume design.