How To Stay Young Looking: The Waist High Plan.

Who: My Lovely Teenaged Daughter (16 years old) and I (36 Years old).
When: 8:40 this morning (school starts at 8:30).
Where: Walking to the car at the grocery store.
What: A big obnoxious black Suburban pulls up next to us. The occupant was a holiday sweater wearing, mom hair sporting, lotsa weight carrying, almost fifty turning mother of one of my daughter's friends.

Thinking my daughter was cutting school with a pot smoking pal, this Thanksgiving sweater vest wearing individual VERY RUDELY says, "Hey. Hey. Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

We both turn around and say nothing. I smile and nod as if to let her know: It's quite alright. I know she is taller than me, but I am her mother and we were just buying maxi pads. (It was at this point that vest lady shot me a particularly nasty look)

We get in the car and my daughter is freaking out:
"Oh my God that is _______'s mom!"
"Oh my God she is going to think I am a bad person!"
"Oh my God she is going to think I was cutting school!"
"I've got to call _______ and tell her to tell her mom that was MY MOM I was with, and I was not cutting school!"

Waist High, deaf to the concerns of her child, and focused only on herself, screams: "HOW COOL WAS THAT THAT SOMEONE JUST MISTOOK ME FOR A TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"