The Food Of My People.

Waist High (French-Acadian by heritage) decided to treat herself and her daughter today by finally going to the restaurant she has been trying to go to for one year.

Tucked away in a residential neighborhood in Northeast Portland is
Acadia, the only restaurant in Portland that serves "head on Gulf shrimp."

French Acadian Lesson #1:

Acadia was the name given by the French to the territory named Nova Scotia. Later, the area was divided under British rule into the three Maritime provinces. The territory's first European colonists, who would later become known as Acadians, were French subjects of the colony of New France.

The area was captured by British colonists in the course of King William's War. The territorial conflicts between Britain and France led to over 6,000 Acadian homes being burned by the British in 1755. Those Acadians who refused to swear loyalty to the British crown fled or were expelled to the American Colonies. Many settled in Louisiana, then still under French rule, where they formed the nucleus of the Cajun population.

The name Cajun is derived from Acadia. The word for Acadian in French is acadien, which, said fast, becomes Cajun. (fact-index.com)