Seattle. It Was A Scream.

This just in for all you washed up losers who "find (my) life & thoughts interesting enough to follow it more than once," the pictorial account of "My Lovely Teenaged Daughter's" 16th Birthday Extravaganza, or what I like to call "Scream Across The Pacific Northwest: A Rock And Roll Tour 2004."

Sure, Waist High could have bought her the predictable pieces of useless plastic for her 16th, but why not have a little fun?

Heading out from Portland, it was on to Olympia for gas, Renton for the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, the Lake Washington area of Seattle for Viretta "Kurt's" Park, and downtown Seattle for the Experience Music Project.

Teenaged daughter and I got bogus directions to the Cobain sites and ended up searching for about 90 minutes. After essentially giving up, we started to head out of the area to get on over to the EMP. But neither of us could stand it once we were out of the area, so we decided to search for it on our own. As we were heading to the byway that would take us downtown, we saw an extension of Lake Washington Drive from across town where we had been searching earlier. On a hunch we followed the road and sure enough eventually found the house and the park.

Fun was had by all. The Teenaged Daughter and I got up on stage as the band Waist High and performed at EMP.