(katu.com) HILLSBORO, Ore. - A Hillsboro father has been sentenced to three years in prison for repeatedly siccing his dog on his two children as a form of punishment. David Hoskins, and his wife, Joyce, were arrested in May when police say the couple's eight-year-old son had a chunk of his left ear bitten off by the pit bull-Doberman mix.

Hoskins said, "Those kids mean more to me than anything in this world." And added, "I just, I thank God they're okay and they didn't get hurt worse than they did."

Their seven-year-old daughter needed stitches to close multiple puncture wounds on her arms, legs and back from dog bites. Joyce Hoskins will be sentenced at a later date.

Leave it to
Tim Riley to wrap up the story nicely: "The children have been placed in foster homes. The dog has been euthanized. Have a good weekend."