On September 4, 1988 I Gave Birth.

After about one year of friendly discussions (read: fielding demands and arguing) about what exactly Waist High was going to do for the turning of "Sweet 16" of her Lovely Teenaged Daughter, the decision has been made. 

Ideas that were tossed around during the initial planning stages were Dallas, Las Vegas, Vancouver B.C., Florida, Outback Steakhouse, New Orleans, Valencia. BUT, we have finally settled on Seattle Washington, with the highlight being Paul Allen's $240 million dollar Frank O. Gehry designed EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT. 140,000 square feet of rock and roll fun. 

I was accused of planning this trip for my own selfish interests, but convinced the daughter in the end that it is all for her. Other activities for the celebration in Seattle include dinner at the Space Needle, a stop at Jimi Hendrix's grave in Renton, and a quick peek at some of the Kurt Cobain sites. Hopefully we won't get attacked by Courtney. 

Photo: entenginc.com