Nice Teeth Rod.

Former Altadenan and Wee Waist High neighbor Rodney King, who went on to achieve a certain notoriety as a beating victim, wants to become a hip-hop star. King, who gained fame - or infamy - after his 1991 videotaped violent arrest and beating led to riots a year later, is now rapping about his hard knocks, according to the TV show Celebrity Justice.

King told the syndicated entertainment news show he is serious about becoming a rapper. He said he's got a CD in the works and hopes to collaborate with such A-list hip-hoppers as Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige. King said it was his latest court ordered drug rehab counselor who convinced him to become a rap artist.

King received $3.8 million from the city of Los Angeles as a result of a lawsuit that stemmed from his beating. Fifty people died during the ensuring riots, which did an estimated $1 billion in property damage. Much of King's largess went to his attorney. He has also sued his attorneys, and they him, in various squabbles over money. (pasadenastarnews.com)

Title of the pasadenastarnews.com article?
"The Beat Goes On."