Creepy Abandoned Mental Hospital Update.

The city of Wilsonville Oregon has approved $71 million dollars in funding for Villebois, a sprawling urban village to be completed on the city's edge. Over one half of Villebois, with 2,400 housing units and 35,000 square feet of retail space planned, will be built on the site of the creepy abandoned Dammasch State Mental Hospital, where along with the Oregon State Mental Hospital in Salem, parts of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest were filmed.

Costa Pacific Homes, through Villebois LLC, purchased the 198 acre hospital grounds from the state of Oregon in March.

The abandoned hospital was for a time used for purposes not unlike how Bakersfield teens in the early 1980s used The Dredge, The Couch, or The Place. To party.

Go rowdy teens!