Throwing One's Life Down The Toilet.

Whilst a high school sophomore in a freshman class I made a friend. My friend taught me to drive, (with one foot, not two), and has been ever present in my life for 21 years. In about 1994 he began dating someone, broke up with her in about 2002 and then in December of last year got back together with her. She is "The Kern County Drunkard." She is an evil drunk.

Last week my friend leaves me a cryptic voice mail which he ended by saying, "Don't call my house. Any more." We played phone tag for about a week. When we finally spoke he drops the bomb. She moved in with him. Evidently this was her idea and in order to get him to agree, she promised to quit drinking.

By the way, he has to sneak to call me. Last location he called from was a urinal at his place of employment.