More Bigfoot News.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there have been 102 reported Northwest Sasquatch sightings in Clackamas County Oregon, the county where I live and work. In Where Bigfoot Walks, Robert Michael Pyle speaks of an interesting encounter "while investigating known bigfoot roaming territory around Mt. Hood," (from The Oregonian) which is also in Clackamas County.

He says that he heard a loud half animal like howl closeby. He said that upon hearing the half animal like howl he hurried back to his car real fast and as he was pulling away that "a huge thud pounded on the roof." He said he "burned rubber" outta there.

Why is this story worth noting? Because he said that on that evening he wasn't even drunk, so he could not have imagined the whole thing: "I had only one
Pyramid Ale!"