Best Story Ever From Altadena California.

(abcnews.com 6/25/02) 80-Year-Old Vows to End Her Rampaging Ways

A L T A D E N A, Calif. - After trying to run down her neighbors and spray bug killer on them, the little old lady from near Pasadena is getting a chance to hit the straight and narrow.

Dixie Carlene Granat, 80, was freed last week after two months in jail, after pleading no contest to spraying Raid insect killer on a neighbor she considered a pest. Granat lives in Altadena, a Los Angeles-area suburb near Pasadena.

Granat also was convicted last year of trying to run down a neighborhood teenager in her pink Suzuki Samurai, while shouting racial epithets.

She was released on her own recognizance after agreeing to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week and avoid trouble. Her car was also impounded.

"I will behave like an old lady should," Granat said, according to The Associated Press. "I will sit in my rocking chair - I'll only drink lemonade."

She will be back in court on July 9, and will be subject to a hearing to decide if she should live in an assisted-care facility.

Granat admitted she had some psychological problems.

"I'm bipolar, bicoastal and bi- a few other things," she told the court.

You see my friends, Raid as it SHOULD BE USED
not how the numnuts at Patriot's Park thought it should be used!