500,000 Can Not Be Wrong.

The Jam is getting about a half a million hits a month.

"Bruce Watson and Mark Brzezicki spent nearly two decades in one of Scotland's finest rock bands BIG COUNTRY. Bruce Foxton was a founder member of first generation punk/new wave's legendary JAM. The Jam gave Big Country their first break on the British live circuit. Opening for them at Wembley Arena for six nights back in 1982, which were their final dates. With the break up of Big Country and then the passing of STUART ADAMSON in 2001, Bruce and Mark have been working with other acts, but had a yearn to be in a band that was part theirs as opposed to being paid session men."

When "Bruce was working with FISH and DEAD MEN WALKING recently, there was a lot of demand for Big Country songs. Bruce and Mark had met for the first time in awhile when recording the new Fish album and decided that it was time for them to make their own waves. Encouraged by Big Country manager Ian Grant, Bruce and Mark approached Big Country bass player Tony Butler but he was not available, as he has temporarily retired from live work."

Mark Brzezicki and Bruce Foxton "had a mutual wish to work with each other and nearly did in 2003 with Simon Townshend, so when it became known Tony wasn't available; it was obvious whom to call. When Mark called Bruce said, 'Count me in!'"

There is a business connection as well in that "Ian Grant was there at the outset of The Jam's career in that he gave them their initial gigs in London at The Nashville Rooms and Red Cow (both legendary venues of the pub rock/punk rock era). The musical combination of these three whets the appetite. Add to it former Big Country keyboard player JOSH PHILIPS with singer JJ GILMOUR formerly of THE SILENCERS and one can unashamedly drool over its musical potential."

The Casbah Club is:

Bruce Watson (Big Country)
Mark Brzezicki (Big Country)
Josh Phillips (Big Country)
Bruce Foxton (The Jam/SLF)
JJ Gilmour (The Silencers)