The Fact Nerd Strikes Again.

Before Portland Oregon had a name it was simply known as "The Clearing." I apologize, but that seems much more accurate than Colonel Baker's 1862 description of his newly acquired field: "God's Country."

And to make you even smarter: there are 65 registered Yugo's in Oregon.

The Yugo was sold in the states from 1986-1992 with a starting price of around $3,990. During that time over 160,000 of them were sold. The Yugo was voted "Worst Car of the Millenium" by the NPR hosted show Car Talk, beating out "the Chevy Vega, the Ford Pinto, the AMC Gremlin, and the Chevy Corvette." (oregonlive.com)

The Yugo was brought to the USA by Martin Bricklin, an auto industry maverick who launched Subaru of America in 1968.

Price a Yugo can be purchased for now: $50.00.
Price to register your car in Oregon for two years: $35.00.